and that's only the beginning as his past threatens to surface. This is my new Helluva Boss RP, the other one I had was dead as I had left Wattpad for quite a while. When he had to leave, you looked worried. Before they could leave the beach, however, the police arrived and arrested the group, with Verosika hinting that she and her squad would have to pay them off with sex. "Sure you do, now lift your hips for me, love~" Only after that did you decide to start a conversation. He saw how other people looked at you and he felt proud that a girl like you agreed to go on a date with him. notes: mmmmmm yes pls. After a few months of Blitz joining Stolas on the full moon, Blitz finds out that he is expecting. (Agent One and Agent Two), Zoophobia Even the most mundane of things would forever speak volumes from Aki. ! Alright sluts, get ready to suck a lot of pig d-ck.Verosika before getting incarcerated. However, this is a one-way trip to a hellish landscape of danger and horror. Not only would you get the girl, but youd also get praise from Verosika herself, which would be rather important considering youre still anewbie. He was completely satisfied with the place where he planned to spend a few hours, he drank wine and waited for the performance to begin. Verosika appears more human than most demons, with pink skin, long, flowing pink hair, and typical demonic features, like horns and a barbed tail. He wasnt a good conversationalist, but he answered your questions as much as possible. . He was trying to sort out an old book that he found. A t-shirt marketed by Vivziepop's website lists the locations for Verosika's Hell Tour, most of them being cities in the Seven Circles of Hell: Pentagram City, Pride; LDS Satanio, Wrath; Beelzehaven, Gluttony; Mint City, Greed; Crystal Stadium, Lust; Levitowne, Envy; Dreamsville, Sloth; and finally, Florida. He was perfectly aware of the intense stares of others, but did not pay attention to them, waiting for the performance to begin. While his pigeon was sleeping, you managed to communicate. She wants it as normal as any life could be in hell, but when she meets Millie, her plans are forever changed. You should have been home for a few hours, but instead you were still in the office. Lots of different sex things for people who simp for Verosika. Married to the enemy. Now, Blitzo find himself married. I am an admin of this site. You were sitting in your office and making a tour schedule for your client Verosika Mayday. You came to me drunk at night, all I could make out was that you were too lazy to go home so you decided to come to me, I wrote him a message from your phone in which I wrote on your behalf that you were staying with me overnight, to which he replied that he wanted us to have a good time and if I hurt you, you should immediately tell him about it, "Today is a day off, besides, I have already prepared breakfast and coffee. What did you just say? However, you werent so sure that seducingLoona was exactly what you had in mind. Yet, somehow, despite your nerves, you gave her your best flirty smile and half-lidded eyes that seemed to work on everyone else. Possibly the concert in Florida was, in fact, where the episode "Spring Broken" actually took place. I also combined Millie and Moxxie, hope thats cool. It didnt bother him that others looked at him with apprehension. As if your kisses along could make him a better man. Drinking Beelzejuice.Taunting Blitzo.Chasing fame.Getting what she wants.Seducing others. Not much is known about Verosikas background other than that she and Blitzo dated back then. Organizing concerts, meetings with fans, recording CDs and albums. )-long succubi that had become infamously well-known throughout the rings of hell. It about how Eggman set a creation for sonic to defeat and send him to stranger world that sonic well never make it back !Verosika, to her audience. Spy just laughed at your words, not telling you that he usually put much less effort, Spy doubted that he would have time to win your heart during the time that he was in town, but he hoped that you would be able to meet again and that by this time you would not forget him. You were a singer who attracted attention just by looking at you. Your families have been friends for many years, and you and Stolas have been friends for many years. You got too close this time. Throughout the missions and me Carnage who have been eaten by Venom. Waking up in line to hell, with no memory of why or how. Okay, well, Ill see you around, Loona called to you, turning on her heel, intent on finally getting to meet with Vortex, before you finally speak. Spy was gallant and attentive towards you and sometimes you joked that he definitely treated other women the same way. I love both of them ugh-, request(s):Yooo can I request Alastor and Angel headcanons with a s/o whos graduating college? (a human oc x. by TheSpaceGuy Gamer 36.9K 520 17 You were usually perfectly fine when you did your thing, just as long as the person youve taken interest in didnt start complimenting your eyes or how soft your lips looked or how cute your flirty laugh was. So dont be surprised if sometimes, when you least expect it, as the tvs running in the background creating white noise as you both drift off to sleep, or if youre washing dishes and feel his palms press into your hips, or perhaps even as youre wishing him good luck and safe travels just before he heads off to work, Aki comes to halt, cups your chin so that your eyes meet, and ask you to kiss him breathless just one more time. I don'. You were the reason for this. request: Could you do Loona with a fem!s/o who is succubus and easily flustered? Looking at the stage, he immediately recognized you. Loona? It deepens with too many disturbing and profitable jobs for IMP. # 1 Verosika x Fem. > Seraphim male reader. She serves as the main antagonist of the 3rd episode "Spring Broken", a cameo antagonist in the 6th episode "Truth Seekers" and a major antagonist in the 7th episode finale "Ozzie's". He understood that there were things you shouldnt have known about and you understood and accepted his desire to keep some things secret, Sniper never thought that he would fall in love with the owner of the voice that he listened to with such joy. This was so embarrassing. blitz has found a way to see verosika, only to bring her truly down farther than hell itself. He never wanted things to end the way they did. He was angry and confused. sfw |no content warning ! - anon. Hope thats all right. You were sure that everyone got a little blushy whenever Josh talked to them like that, right? Find out how you manage to land right into the arms of said beings in a satisfying little bundle of plot. Thank you so much to the lovelies who contacted me about this in regards to my post! Y/N's eating disorder has been her life for 5 years, and ultimately it's what kills her. Whether its murder or drama, Joey will embark on crazy misadventures both in and out of his newfound job, while unintentionally getting his new family wrapped up into his past. Helluva Boss Date Headcanons (X reader) - He loves taking you to see musicals. You shouldve been focused on the chaotic screams that suddenly erupted from behind you, and the roars from something that could only be demonic, you could only seem to focus on the way Loonas hand seemed to slowly slip down to your waist, and how hot your face was feeling because of it. You found it cute, so you agreed to go on a date with him. He liked listening to you, so when the radio station was shut down, he felt upset. Blitzo recognizes the passenger to be his ex-girlfriend, Verosika. He tried many times to banish you back to hell, but it was all to no avail. You were in ordinary, casual clothes and came to the bar just to take a break from a long working week on your so rare day off. If there is ever anything constant, it's the stars. How about you take a short vacation while I take this story from here okay? I absolutely adore your writing so I thought itd fun to hear your take on the situation. There are Imps, Succubi, overlords and, you, a condeemed sinner. But she wasn't a sinner, she was too innocent and doesn't know anything sexuality. The agent had not slept for several nights in a row. Kings of Hell, Overlords, Princes, Sinners and Imps. Hits: 40 My Blitzo: Various Yandere Helluva Boss X Female Blitzo Reader by EPICNESSQUEEN Helluva Boss (Web Series), Hazbin Hotel (Web Series) Not Rated Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Rape/Non-Con F/F, F/M Work in Progress 24 Feb 2023 He didnt tell his partner about you. After seeing watching episode 3 (Spring Broken), I couldn't help myself after seeing the succubus/incubus characters! Youve been dating for six months and shes been coming to your apartment quite often, but this time she came to you at night after a party. Hed much rather let his love for you speak through his actions, with his love for you trickling from his every pore as he did them. He didnt know you personally, but your voice always made him feel better after work. Tempt mortals into sexual acts (ongoing). !Verosika opposing Blitzos demand of leaving the parking space. You find yourself only able to nod in agreement as you play with the ends of your hair. I decided to write my first xreader story. I'm sorry I don't have a story description, your just gonna have'ta read the book. He was well aware that many people paid attention to your appearance, but he just relaxed listening to you sing, You wouldnt have met Medic if it wasnt for Archimedes. There are Imps, Succubi, overlords and, you, a condeemed sinner. Together with Vortex and the rest of her posse, she'd been heading out to find a safe place to portal back home late at night when she'd heard soft crying from a nearby alley. a portal opens in her office and she is pulled in right to a overlord meeting with some of the kings of hell. Ah, Hell. warnings/tw: mentions of arguing parents/divorce, but that is all! He respected your work and listened to you sing. You perfectly noticed the calm look of a man who stands out very much among the audience. You worked as a singer in a cabaret club. You have been dead and stuck in hell for over two years. You were smiling, perfectly seeing the blush on her cheeks. You laughed loudly at his jokes, beaming at him. But they later broke up after Blitzo left Verosika to pay for their hotel room, joyriding her car three times and cashing out her credit card for horse riding lessons. Look, Im sure he doesnt hate you, youll just need to talk in a calm environment, Youre wonderful and hed have to be a complete idiot not to notice it. But you watched Loona brush a strand of stray hair behind her ear and you simply felt your heart race. Will th After the event of Gravity fall. You were in the kitchen making snacks while she was choosing the movies you would watch. Sometimes you smiled at someone from the audience and this time Demo became the one you smiled at. You both understood that while you were in the office, you were just a star and her manager. Hello, my name is Mina, the Angel of Hell! Aki was never one for words. As the I.M.P group killed their targets as many as possible, Verosika appeared on stage at her concert and her demons started to have their way with the crowd. Helluva Boss and Hazbin Hotel are owned by Vivziepop. He hoped that you would be waiting for his return. His feelings for you have passed the test of time and a little separation will not be able to change anything, even if you need to go to the other end of the country. You need something? she asks, crossing her arms in front of her chest. You're time in hell. You took her to the kitchen. His cheeks were flushed. You had a delicious meal and were able to chat. He froze in fright. Verosika was, well, she is, A sex demon. Two fathers bring together two lonely daughters. Stolas looked at you in surprise and then hugged you tightly. You clearly recognized him and when he went backstage after the performance, he received a strong hug and a sincere, warm smile from you, You and Engineer spent a lot of time that evening talking and telling each other about what happened to you during the time that you did not see each other. You listened attentively to his stories despite some bloody details that did not bother you at all, He suggested that you meet again next weekend when you both have free time. A cold blooded killer with a relentless sexual apatite has the imp running scared. Verosika?" Standing on the passenger side of the pink car, a succubus demon with an enticing, curvaceous build. You were so immersed in your work that you didnt hear someone come into the office. In the episode "OZZIE'S" she is a patron at the eponymous nightclub, contributing to Asmodeus' song in order to mock and humiliate Blitzo by sharing her negative opinion of their past. Sometimes he became your bodyguard, not letting obsessive fans annoy you. At that moment, your heart was painfully squeezed again, but you were not going to back down. Meh i'll try, fuck it. Her human disguise is similar, hiding the horns and tail with tanned skin. Love your writings!!! Thanks for all your hard work, Mlovely! A smile appeared on your lips. Do you remember I told you about Blitz?.., He asked me out on a date today, but in the end it turned out just awful I saw that he was upset and called him to me so that we could just sit, talk, without sex, but refused and left I think he hates me now. icarly gibby stuntman breaks ribs,
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