A DIVER from the missing persons search group Adventures with Purpose has broken his silence after co-founder Jared Leisek was charged with child rape. His attorney, Randall Richards, did not immediately return PEOPLE's request for comment. The criminal charges were officially filed last Friday in Sanpete County Court in Utah. It wasnt until a civilian dive team with a popular YouTube channel arrived Aug. 21 that her body and car were located using sonar technology in a reservoir that had already been searched just a quarter mile from the site of the gathering. Adventures With Purpose will take just two days to "decompress" before searching for Jolissa Fuentes, 22, who went missing in Selma, California, on Aug. 7. By Jax Miller Photo: Getty Images Quotes displayed in real-time or delayed by at least 15 minutes. The Weeknd & Lily-Rose Depp Clap Back HARD At. Create a free profile to get unlimited access to exclusive videos, breaking news, sweepstakes, and more! We can float, and we can recover these vehicles. But Tammy Watters of Sonar Search and Recovery, a nonprofit that has found 104 missing people underwater since 2005, called Adventures with Purpose irresponsible for publicly broaching their foul play theory. Maybe he isnt everyones cup of tea. We hope justice will be served. "Shes in the back of the vehicle. Sign up forOxygen Insiderfor all the best true crime content. When the sound waves bounce off a newly submerged object, it shows up as a bright flash that many people wouldnt interpret accurately, he said. "We've worked with a lot of people, intimately, and there are a lot of people who are hurting right now, and I'm just as heartbroken," he said. Now, two more members have spoken out, revealing they will be stepping away from AWP altogether. They combed Prosser Reservoir using sonar and located Rodni and the car after just 35 minutes. Since 2019, AWP has helped solve at least 23 missing person cases, some involving children, which they documented on their successfulYouTubechannel. Check out never-before-seen content, free digital evidence kits, and much more! Bishop is the towing expert with Adventures with Purpose, a team of independent divers that tours the country searching for missing people in America's rivers and lakes. The group, Adventures with Purpose, is a four-man team starring two Oregonians, Jared Leisek and Doug Bishop. "I hear them saying theyre the worlds best, and Im thinking, You guys have only been doing this a few years," she said. I never was arrested or did anything too terrible but I feel like a completely different person than I was at 18.. heck even my 20s. He did have a past as well, but not as bad as Jared's. . Man Accused of Holding Woman Captive for Month and Sexually Assaulting Her Could Face Life in Prison, Man Charged in Rape of Slain LSU Student Madison Brooks Faces New Rape Charge in Separate Case, Everything to Know About Philadelphia Eagles Player Josh Sills and His Legal Controversies, Husband of Missing Mass. Who would YOU guess?? "Theyre not the police, theyre not investigators," she said. (via TikTok/ @dontcalldom), Lifestyles of the rich and famous! KIELY RODNI'S FAMILY BREAKS SILENCE AFTER RECOVERY OF MISSING TEENS LIKELY REMAINS. ETA: Just as an aside, if Doug did some stupid, non-violent, non-sexual small stuff back in the day, I dont care. If you have the proper experience you wouldnt go blabbing like this.". Fans Think Kendall Jenner Took Selena Gomez To Dubai One NYE JUST SO Hailey Bieber Could Be With Justin. Shes not in the drivers seat. Her body and car were found Aug. 21, 2022, by Adventures with Purpose in Prosser Reservoir in California. Adventures with Purpose began as a fun-filled YouTube page of lost personal items found under the water in the Pacific Northwest. Mutual Fund and ETF data provided by Refinitiv Lipper. This income is valid for channel visits till Mar 04 2022, the last statement from Doug Bishop from AWP commented in writing "we did not receive any reward on this case from the go fund me". I'm 35 btw, Where did you hear he was ever in jail? Court documents filed Tuesday with the countys Sixth Judicial District Court show Leisek is now being charged with one alleged incident dating back to 1992 as opposed to two, as previously outlined when he was initially charged in November. In this scenario I have to keep it real with everyone who loved Adventures with a Purpose and who loves Adventures With a Purpose.. "They are the godfathers of doing what we do. We have a lost loved one. Now, two more members have spoken out, revealing they will be stepping away from AWP altogether. Now, members from the AWP team are speaking out. The [courts] will write the ending of this story. how frequently it posts videos, and the total watch time of its content. "Then he started focusing on just pulling vehicles out." This will help us refine the calculations and provide the most accurate estimate of DOUG BISHOP's net worth. The net worth of DOUG BISHOP's channel through 7 Feb 2023 $5,967 Videos on the channel are posted in the categories Lifestyle, Vehicle. The sonar image on the left is of a car that has been submerged for years. OMG Everyone has a past. If you're not aware, Adventures with Purpose is an Oregon-based search and rescue. Volunteer Divers Who Helped Find Kiely Rodni's Remains Plan to Search for 2 More Missing Women in California, Founder of Adventures with Purpose Search & Rescue Team Arrested for Allegedly Raping 9-Year-Old Girl, Former MTV Star Connor Smith Wanted for Allegedly Trying to Meet Girl Under 15 for Sex, Mo. The Adventures With Purpose dive team picked up the case and went to Marianna on Wednesday. Watters was particularly upset by Bishops foul play theory. Because of your amazing support: 26 Missing Person Cold Cases Have Been Solved since 2019, providing answers to families looking for their lost loved one. It sounds from some sources like theyve known for awhile. Investigators later obtained surveillance footage of the bizarre interaction and should have been able to confirm whether the teen was Rodni or someone who looked like her, Bishop said. (Courtesy of Adventures with Purpose), "It was so shocking because I couldnt believe we came in after all that time and found it," he told Fox News Digital. Doug has done good work and he has stuck by his morals and thats all we can ask of him. Kiely Rodni's car being pulled from Prosser Reservoir after Adventures with Purpose located her and her vehicle. He is a mostly one-man-band that travels all over searching for missing people. The [courts] will write the ending of this story. Bishop added that while there are still legal matters that have to play out, the accusations do not involve him or anyone else associated with the group. A Google map of Tahoe National Park showing Prosser Reservoir and Boca Lake. Bishop, a former tow truck driver turned sonar expert, and his colleague, scuba instructor Nick Rinn, arrived with two videographers and a producer to film their search efforts. Adventures with Purpose's Nick Rinn, a scuba instructor who located Kiely Rodni's car and remains in Prosser Reservoir. You've successfully subscribed to this newsletter! We can search. He teamed up with Bishop in 2019, who had a tow truck company at the time. Below is an estimated average earnings from advertising on the channel, depending on language, price and current audience. DOUG BISHOP is an American YouTube channel with over 84.20K subscribers. You being a part of the AWP family is what makes this all possible. I'll notify Jared Leisek and Doug Bishop at Adventures With Purpose right before I go in the water, AWP is in Bend Oregon, only 130 miles from Salem. (Courtesy of Adventures with Purpose). Leisek, now 47, faces two counts of first-degree rape of a child stemming from two separate alleged incidents in 1992 in Utah, according to court documents obtained by Inside Edition Digital. I have left the company because of personal reasons for moral obligations., Related: Casey Anthony Gives First Interview In More Than A Decade, This is pretty much all I have to say amongst the subject matter. Lead diver Doug Bishop told FOX affiliates in a May 9 profile that Adventures with Purpose was an environmentalist group, with Leisek working to clean up waterways. This forum is an open, **unofficial** discussion forum and not directly associated with or monitored by AWP. Others dont need to be attacked because of what Jared done. I dont always approve of Dougs methods; the true crime stuff really bothered me. host Doug Bishop said in a . Mom of 3 Arrested for Misleading Police, Bloody Knife Allegedly Found in Basement, Caretaker Faces Murder Charge While Police Search for Missing Oklahoma Girl's Remains in 'Recovery Operation', Washington, D.C. Man Charged with Killing 3-Year-Old Girl, Shooting Teen Girlfriend and Her Siblings, Texas Man Allegedly Broke into Estranged Wife's Home Wearing a Ski Mask, Killed Her While Daughter Escaped, Md. Since 2019, Adventures With Purpose has helped find the bodies of 23 missing person cases around the country. A photo illustration showing Kiely Rodni, her license plate and her silver Honda CRV. Ive seen nothing since then. Create your free profile and get access to exclusive content. KIELY RODNI CASE: SHERIFF CONFIRMS BODY PULLED FROM CALIFORNIA RESERVOIR IS MISSING 16-YEAR-OLD, A photo illustration showing Kiely Rodni, her license plate and her silver Honda CRV. The for-profit group, which sells everything from T-shirts to fishing magnets emblazoned with the companys logo, also has its share of critics. He is due back in court on Nov. 30 for a preliminary hearing, the court says. The state of Utah does not have a statute of limitations for rape. Adventures with Purpose arrived in Waco on Jan. 19, 2022. The channel may have additional revenue streams, such as sponsored content and product sales, that are not reflected in these figures. "We are harnessing the power of social media to do good in the world," Bishop said. "As the vehicle is sinking, theyre climbing to the back to try to stay up out of the water. "It doesnt add up," Doug Bishop told Fox News Digital of the circumstances of 16-year-old Rodnis death. Bishop said the lengthy delay suggests something other than an accident. Powered and implemented by FactSet Digital Solutions. A team from Adventures With Purpose sets out on the Waterbury Reservoir at Little River State Park on Oct. 2 to search for signs of the Ford pickup truck Donald Messier was driving when he was . Want to keep up with the latest crime coverage? Adventures with Purpose lead investigator Doug Bishop and diver Nick Rinn, who found Kiely Rodni's remains in Prosser Reservoir on Aug. 21, 2022. They have lives and families. Commenting, Liking, Sharing, and Subscribing all help the algorithm as well, so please don't be shy. Utah does not have a statute of limitations for rape. (Fox News). Simply by watching our videos on YouTube and Facebook, when you see an ad on the video, we receive on average $0.009 (less than 1 cent) which helps support our efforts in find missing loved ones and cleaning up the environment. At around 12:33 a.m., her phone pinged for the last time, and she and her silver Honda CRV vanished. "This comes as a surprise to us all and we're all hoping that we can continue this mission to serve families.". Market data provided by Factset. A screenshot showing the search and rescue team's website where they sell T-shirts, fishing magnets and other products emblazoned with their logo. The. Even though the cars passenger-side window was blown out and the rear drivers side window was halfway down, Rodnis remains were found in the cargo hatch. He said he responded to a call for a dead battery at Boca Lake north of Prosser Reservoir and that the help request came Aug. 7, more than 10 hours after Rodnis phone pinged for the last time, he said. Kiely Rodni was last seen at a campground party in Tahoe National Forest. Doug Bishop From Adventures With Purpose Caught Lying For Jared In Old Posts !!! "Last couple of days have been heartbreaking for everyone involved," Bishop said. "His efforts led to a vehicle being discovered underwater here in the city of Portland, Oregon," Bishop told the outlet. What allegedly happened 30 years ago should not take away from the amazing work the team has done in this world over the past two years. Adventures with Purpose lead investigator Doug Bishop and diver Nick Rinn, who found Kiely Rodni's remains in Prosser Reservoir on Aug. 21, 2022. if(typeof ez_ad_units!='undefined'){ez_ad_units.push([[468,60],'starstat_yt-medrectangle-4','ezslot_4',113,'0','0'])};__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-starstat_yt-medrectangle-4-0'); Here are the stats for the last two weeks, separated by days. We are Adventures With Purpose (AWP) - a Search & Recovery Dive Team dedicated to helping families of missing loved ones. In April, CBS Portland affiliate KOIN presented Leisek with their 2022 Royal Rosarian Newsmaker award after he and "Adventures with Purpose" members Doug Bishop and Scott Hulbert helped find the body of missing father Antonio Amaro-Lopez. I've changed my life to become a really good man, and always follow the code, and that code has been violated.". For more information, please see our Mutual Fund and ETF data provided by Refinitiv Lipper. Jared Leisek is the founder of 'Adventures With Purpose,' a widely-lauded true crime YouTube channel. The sonar image on the left is of a car that has been submerged for years. Let us know your thoughts on the matter in the comments (below). Her body and car were found Aug. 21, 2022, by Adventures with Purpose in Prosser Reservoir in California. Jared Leisek, the founder of Adventures With a Purpose, has been accused of raping a 9-year-old girl, who was his cousin, when he was a teenager, according to reports. 225 following. Dr. Phil sends a crew to Idaho Falls to follow the mystery of what happened to Jed. Legal Statement. Douglas Bishop, a diver with "Adventures With Purpose," said the group started out by focusing on environmental cleanup and in the past 18 months they've turned their focus to finding family's . led by Jared Leisek and Doug Bishop. This quote was just one of the . Authorities launched an expansive search involving 18 local, state and federal agencies that spent over 19,000 man-hours using divers, boats equipped with sonar and helicopters to locate Rodni. Adventures With Purpose lead diver Doug Bishop tells PEOPLE he was blindsided by the allegations against Leisek. Court documents revealed Leisek allegedly raped the young girl two times in her bedroom at their family members home in Utah over 30 years ago. I mean, Ive never been arrested nor done anything that would get me arrested . Case notes published with the court on Thursday cite sealed records referring to motions to dismiss charges at a Dec. 12 hearing, where Leiseks attorney represented his client remotely before Judge Mandy Larsen. But two weeks of searching turned up few clues. Details at l, CONBRATS!!! (Courtesy of Tammy Watters/Adventures with Purpose). Inside Edition Digital has reached out to the Utah State Courts for records and learned that Leisek he has not entered a plea. Witnesses said she drank alcohol that night, but Bishop says she knew the area well and still would not have accidentally plunged into the reservoir. Affiant Detective Corey Devon Krebs of the Ephraim City Police Department stated Leisek allegedly pinned the victim to the ground before forcing sexual intercourse. We like to be transparent in our efforts and how you can help. For her vehicle to end up where it did, she would have to take a sharp left turn onto a rough dirt path about a quarter mile from the main road. Jared Leisek, the founder of popular YouTube volunteer search and rescue dive team Adventures with Purpose, has been accused of raping an underage girl in Utah in 1992, according to court documents obtained by PEOPLE. the dad can be heard asking on the documentary. According to theirYouTube About page, they are "dedicated to helping families of missing loved ones.". The second alleged rape, which supposedly occurred at a grandparent's house, has also been removed from the updated documents. Adventures with Purpose lost tens of thousands of followers in the weeks following the accusations, according to Rolling Stone. What allegedly happened 30 years ago should not take away from the amazing work the team has done in this world over the past two years. Jared Leisek, the founder of popular YouTube volunteer search and rescue dive team Adventures with Purpose, has been arrested for allegedly raping an underage girl more than three decades ago in Utah, according to court documents obtained by PEOPLE. Leisek and the girl are cousins, prosecutors claimed. And he doesn't charge anyone a dime either. 2023 Adventures With Purpose We imagine more information is likely to come soon. Though authorities initially charged Leisek with two counts of rape, a probable cause affidavit released on Jan. 10 shows that one of the charges has been dropped and the date of an alleged encounter has been changed. The second alleged rape occurred at their grandparent's house in Manti, Utah, that same year, per the documents. Particularly because charges that old dont provide much context. - All Rights Reserved. PEOPLE's request for comment from Leisek and his attorney Randall Richards were not immediately returned. Randy Richards, an attorney representing Leisek, told Inside Edition Digital in a statement, "this is a 30 year old case, we dispute the allegations, we say that this never happened and it is difficult to work on a case like this but we do have evidence to prove that he didn't do what she claimed.". jungle queen volleyball tournament,
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